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What is Yeddel?

Meet new people and make new friends through daily community events. Create lasting connections and friendships after events through our interactive website.

Real-life Community​

Step away from your virtual world and meet real people at real events with Yeddel Events.

Smart Matching

Discover people in your city with similar interests and languages using our profile matching score.

Share Your Interests

Discover people that share the same interests as you in your city today

Learn New Skills

Trying something new and learn a skill through Yeddel workshops & events

How does Yeddel work​

Create an account (it is free)

You can signup for Yeddel for free within one-click using the Facebook login tool. You can also quickly signup using any email address too.

Discover people like you

Using our state of the art algorithm, you’ll see a percentage score on other members profiles. This will quickly show you if you match on similar interests, spoken languages and more.   

Join our events

Let’s spend some time away from the computer and make some potentially lifelong friends.

Yeddel host daily events ranging from sports to boards to partying and more. All with the same aim to meet new people and make new friends in real life.

Discover Something New

Learn about cool things happening in your city, interesting places to discover and more at the Yeddel blog

Privacy First

We take your privacy seriously. Unlike other social media sites, we do not sell your data or track you. You have full control of your own account to permanently delete your account and data at anytime, with the single click of a button

Yeddel Active Members

Check out our most active Yeddel members community members. New to the city? Want to drop someone a message that RSVP to an event you want to join? Did you know that you can can filter by spoken language too.  

Yeddel membership

With a Yeddel membership you can open the doors to more life-changing events for free and support our work.