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Day trips from Łódź

Spała Landscape Park This protected area is named after its biggest city in the area and is 1-hour drive. Here you can experience the beautiful and pristine nature and forest. Polish kings, Russian tsars and presidents of interwar Poland used to hunt in these areas. Spała is a resort over Pilica river situated in a region of former Pilica Forest, […]

Łódź – a center of 4 cultures.

The unique history of the city, the unrepeatable wealth in the form of a preserved palace of the 19th century and the colorful fusion of four national cultures – Polish, Jewish, German and Russian – created an unusual and memorable atmosphere in Łódź. Today tourists are admired by beautifully restored residential buildings, more than 200 villas, residences and palaces of […]

American Airlines adding first flights to Krakow

American Airlines plans to add its first flights to Africa and Poland next summer and is resuming service to Israel next fall. The world’s largest carrier is also boosting summer service to other Europe destinations. American, continuing its focus on underserved international routes, on Thursday announced these route additions:  Nonstop flights between Philadelphia and Casablanca, Morocco, beginning June 4, 2020. The seasonal flights […]

5 places in Warsaw with stories you never imagined

It would be fair to call Warsaw the city-Phoenix. The capital of Poland has been demolished several times throughout the different ages of its turbulent history,  but like the legendary bird it rose from the ashes and has been completely restored every time. Today Warsaw is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in Poland and all over Europe. […]

Eat Ecologically in Warsaw

If you’re thinking that this is another article promoting ecological lifestyle, you’re mistaken. This one refers to you. Your health, your condition, your future. The truth is that you are what you eat. If you don’t pay attention and you don’t search for best solutions, it’s easy to end up not knowing what you actually put in your mouth and […]

Warsaw Taxi Guide

Worried about getting ripped off by the taxi driver in Warsaw? Don’t be anymore! We have prepared a short list of the most popular taxis in Warsaw to help you in your decisions when selecting a taxi for you journey. Taxi’s in Warsaw do more than only take you places, they can also collect your children from school, collect packages […]

The Best Photography Spots in Warsaw

Are you a photography fan? Do you want to go to the best places to take the most beautiful pictures in Warsaw? Want to practice your skills in different light conditions and different landscapes not leaving the city? Warsaw Local knows the city very well and loves photography so we’ve checked all of them and chose some best photography spots […]

Warsaw over 30 degrees. The Town Hall warns against heat

In the coming days you have to prepare for hot weather. High temperatures can be dangerous to health. The town hall advises how to prevent the negative effects of such heat. With hot weather, according to the weather forecasts, we will be struggling from Monday to Wednesday. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management forecasts temperatures up to 32 degrees […]