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Warsaw City Bikes are going Electric*

Here are Warsaw Local we are huge fans of the Warsaw city bikes. They are one of the cheapest ways to see and explore the city. Costing less than five euros to set-up an account you can start riding right away. If you return the bike within 20 minutes the whole ride is free. If you time it carefully you can […]

Average Salary in Poland

If you are thinking about moving to Poland then finding a job will be high on your list of things to do. In this article we are going to cover the average salary in Poland Average salary in Poland Poland is a one of the top ten largest counties in the EU, being 312,685km! With the country being so large […]

Polish Visa Questions Answered

Our friends over at Warsaw Social recently shared a video in partnership with the local law firm Kancelaria Adwokacka Pietkiewicz and Sankowski. In the video they cover some of the common legal questions frequently by the international community. How can a non-EU foreigner legally come and stay in Poland? Before traveling to Poland a non-EU foreigner who has plans to work and stay […]

Things to do with Children in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw has a lot to offer for those with children, no matter the age range you’ll always find something fun to do and keep the excitement levels high! Here are some of the best things to do with children in Warsaw. Water tram & the beach Warsaw during the summer offers a big variety of activities connected […]

What is ‘Profil Zaufany’ and how to get one

What is ‘Profil Zaufany’? The short version is ‘Profil Zaufany’ translates to ‘trusted profile’ in English. A trusted profile easily lets officials know you are who you say you are and validate your identity online. That is the short version, below is the longer version explaining how you can easily get one yourself. Creating a Trusted Profile Would you like to […]

Six Beautiful Castles in Poland

Want to discover some of the most beautiful castles in Poland? Join Warsaw local as we cover the six most popular castles in Poland and how far they are away from Warsaw. We all want to feel sometimes like a king or queen or imagine ourselves living in other century, don’t we? We prepared today a brief list of the […]

Top places for a date in Warsaw.

Warsaw is a beautiful city with lots of beautiful people. Want to invite someone for a date but not sure where to go? Here is your guide to top places for a range of different dates from the first date to the perfect place for a high-end anniversary dinner. The First date Zamieszanie Coctail bar The prices are pretty standard […]

New Public Transport Ticket Design

New designs of public transport tickets enter circulation. They will be introduced gradually. The old ones do not expire. ZTM has just informed the media about new ticket designs. “New are all types of cardboard tickets, from 20 minutes to 3 days, as well as weekend tickets and subway tickets. The tickets have a name in Polish and English, price, […]

Extreme Actives in Warsaw

Want to try something different this weekend? Or make the most of your stay in Warsaw with a unique experience? Then check out some of these cool ‘Extreme’ actives in Warsaw. 1. Flyspot The most innovative wind tunnel in the world. It allows you to feel like jumping with parachute from 4000m. “Flyspot is a closed air circuit vertical wind […]

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