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Warsaw off the Beaten Track

Umschlagplatz The Umschlagplatz (from German: collection point) was a holding area set up by Nazi Germans connecred with a railway station in occupied Poland, where the Jews from Warsaw Ghetto were being assembled for deportation to death camps during the ghetto liquidation. Between 5000-7000 people were sent away from this place to the death camps daily. It was used for […]

Electric cars in Warsaw and where you can charge them

Although electric cars are not extremely popular yet, there are growing number of FREE charging stations appearing around the city of Warsaw.  Mateusz Morawiecki, who took over as prime minister in December, sees electric mobility as an integral part of Poland’s economic development, combining scientific research, entrepreneurship and state support. Right now, electric cars account for just a small fraction of […]

Motorcyclists can now use the bus lane

From May 2018 motorcyclists can legally ride motorcyclists in two major buses lanes. The two lanes can be found Radzymińska and Trasa Łazienkowska. These are tests for now, but if the conclusions are encouraging, it is possible that motorcyclists will be allowed in to more bus lanes in the future. The motorcycle season has started for good with temperatures reaching […]

Five Famous Works of Arts to Visit in Warsaw

Forget Rome and Paris. If you are visiting Poland then you have to know this fact: Warsaw is one of the greatest European capitals for visiting art work! This city holds a complex historical culture that’s reflected in its art. From the monarchy to the German occupation, this is a list of some of the most famous pieces of art […]

Smoleńsk Plane Crash Monument Unveiled on Piłsudski Square

A new monument was unveiled in the Polish capital on 10th April 2018 as the country marked eight years since an air crash that killed the Polish President Lech Kaczyński and Maria Kaczyńska, top state officials, military commanders, members of foreign service and plane crew. The event still continues to cause debate and conspiracy theories. Pictures from the day: […]

How to Check your Driving Penalty Points in Poland

In Poland all driving licence holders start with zero points and they can earn a maximum of twenty four points before their driving licence will be taken away from them. Some offence that will see points added to your licence can be speeding, driving dangerously, not following road rules and more. These points are ‘stack-able’ and you can be given […]

Discover Warsaw: Ochota District Edition

Ochota is one of the many districts in Warsaw that has a lot of history and stories to share. In this video/article we are going to discover the about the very first airport in Warsaw, the largest dog parade and how the Ochota District of Warsaw was affected during war times. The Ochota District of Warsaw is under 10 kilometers […]

Drink Driving Laws in Poland

Poland takes driving under the influence of either drink or drugs very serious. Here at Warsaw Local we would not recommend driving anywhere in Poland with any alcohol in your system as it is very easy to fail a road side breath test due to the strict restrictions in place. Being stopped by Police The Polish police have a legal right to […]

What is Fat Thursday?

Fat Thursday is almost here! If you’re living or even just visiting Poland in the last week of February you’ll hear the term ‘Fat Thursday’ used. What is Fat Thursday? Read more to discover the history, the culture and more behind the beloved Paczki What is Fat Thursday? Fat Thursday is an old Catholic Christian feast that marks the last Thursday […]

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