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Rare Pictures of Martial Law in Poland

Martial law in Poland (Polish: Stan wojenny w Polsce) refers to the period of time from December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983, when the authoritarian communist government of the Polish People’s Republic drastically restricted normal life by introducing martial law in an attempt to crush political opposition. Thousands of opposition activists were jailed without charge and as many as 91 killed. […]

Who can ask for your ID in Poland?

Who can ask for your ID in Poland? You might be ask to produce your ID for many reasons, from buying alcohol, visiting a gun range or while driving a car on a Polish road. There are some people you must legal produce your ID to, however there are some people that you DON’T need to legally show your ID […]

Out of the City in the City

Imagine the most enjoyable weather you can feel while being outside. It’s nearly 30 degrees, sun is shining brightly, sky is crystally blue and soft breeze is delightfully touching your skin. All you want to do is stay outside until the Sun sets but the truth is, you’re in the city. You would like to relax, contemplate, maybe read the […]

Cost of Public Transport in Warsaw

In this article we are going to cover the costs and difference between monthly passes and single tickets so you can select the right method of travel for you and we’ll also cover what you need to know to either buy a ticket or a monthly pass. If you’re moving to Warsaw for longer than three months then we highly […]

How to learn Polish for Free

Want to learn Polish for free? Then you have come to the right place! If you are visiting Warsaw for a short holiday then learning the basics such as Hello, Thank You, the bill please and good bye will first of all make you look really cool and cultured, but will also put a smile on the faces of locals […]

Free Apps Every Visitor to Warsaw Should Have

There are multiple ways to prepare for a journey to another country. You can either be spontaneous, relying only on the information about your flight time or you may as well  do a bit of early research in regards to the city of your destination. Second option provides you with a valuable information about the environment you’re about to experience, […]

Warsaw Vistula Bars to Close?

Will the bars disappear from the Vistula river bank? The owners of the local premises inform that their lease contracts have expired this year and the city has not yet announced that they will renew. Does this mean the end of the era of the vibrant Vistula nightlife? The boulevards over the Vistula river is always one of the most […]

Cost of Creating a Business in Warsaw

Before you decide what kind of company you should open and you want to learn more how to prepare yourself for the process it is worth to visit the website Which is a small info center for future entrepreneurs maintained by the Ministry of Development. The whole website is available in English so we highly recommend reading all the […]

Warsaw Metro Explained

There are two metro lines in the city of Warsaw that connect the districts of Bielany, Ursynów, Wola and Praga-Południe via the city center with a possibility to change on Świętokrzyska station without going outside. Metro runs from 5AM to 1AM from Sunday to thursday. On Friday and Saturday nights metro runs until 3AM. After midnight train arrives  every 15 […]

Discover Warsaw: Wola District Edition

Wola is one of the many districts in Warsaw that has a lot of history and stories to share. In this video/article we are going to discover the Wola gas works, the hanging gallows and much more! Wola is a district in western Warsaw, Poland, formerly the village of Wielka Wola, incorporated into Warsaw in 1916. An industrial area with […]