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Alarm sirens in Łódź

Why are the sirens howling? The City Hall of Łódź reassures the residents of Łódź to not be worried that they will hear short beeps of individual alarm system sirens. They are only testing Why are the sirens howling? Fortunately, the howling sirens will not mean a bomb alarm, fire, nor will it be a sign that something bad has happened […]

A look at the new Veturilo city bikes coming to Warsaw

In 2021, Warsaw Veturilo will undergo a complete redesign. There will be new stations, tariffs and facilities for cyclists. There will probably also be new bicycle models. What can they look like? Here is what they showcased this week. New Veturilo after 2020 Intensive preparations are underway for the new launch.  As part of the negotiation procedure, companies dealing with […]

The best kebab in Warsaw? Uber Eats confirms

Where to eat the best kebab in Warsaw? Well-known food delivery, Uber Eats shared the most ordered, most repeat orders and popular kebab spots in Warsaw. The list is in no order. Sapko Kebab The Turkish restaurant Sapko Kebab is a classic quality kebab made of fresh ingredients. You can choose from a doner kebab with mutton, chicken and vegetarian kebabs. If […]

Warsaw salary versus the rest of Poland.

Warsaw is the wealthiest city in Poland – according to the latest GfK Purchasing Power Europe study. Warsaw residents are richer than the inhabitants of Prague or Budapest. It turned out that the purchasing power of an average resident of the capital is 13,150 euros per year, which from the study shows that they can spend more on food, housing, […]

Average salary in Łódź, Poland 2019

In September 2019, the average gross monthly salary in the enterprise sector in the Łódź amounted to PLN 4,649.96 and is 6.5% higher than a year ago (in September 2018, compared to the same month of 2017, the salaries increased by 7.0%). In Łódź, the highest salary increase compared to September 2018 was recorded, among others in the sections: construction (by […]

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