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New scooter operator in Warsaw. This is the sixth company.

Electric scooters, Warsaw. Lime, hive, Bird, CityBee and Blinkee City. These are the companies whose logos we see on electric scooters exposed on the streets of the capital. Now ‘Quick’ – a Polish company based in the Tri-City joins the group of companies offering minute rental of two-wheelers. Warsaw is the fourth city (after Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot) in which […]

The bus was late, the passenger had to order Uber. Polish court ordered reimbursement of travel expenses

According to, the court ruled that the bus carrier must give money to the passenger who was forced to order Uber due to being late. Such a judgment, if it is maintained in the next instance, may prove to be groundbreaking. The case concerned Tymon P. Radzik, a former adviser to the Minister of Digitization Anna Streżyńska and a “children’s” […]

Why Warsaw Social changed to Yeddel

All good thing must come to an end. After almost five years Warsaw Social is officially closing one door….to open another, re-branding as Yeddel. What is Yeddel? How do you even say that? What does it mean? Well here is the story. TL;DR (short version) We had to change our website name (originally as we expand to new cities. […]

Plans for outdoor legal drinking zones in Ursynów scrapped.

Legal zones for drinking alcohol in Ursynów, after moths of consideration and debate have been scrapped and the idea remove. The district office informed that due to the strong opposition of various institutions, drinking “under the cloud” will not be allowed in the district. Alcohol in the open air At the beginning of 2018, amendments to the Act on Upbringing […]

The best Warsaw district to live in is…

The experts at portal, decided to conduct an online survey. Leszek Markiewicz on his profile in social media asked the question: “Where would you like to live in Warsaw if you had an unlimited budget for buying a flat?”. The internet users’ answers are not at all obvious. It is known that when buying an apartment in Warsaw, we […]

10 Places to Explore in Łódź

Poland’s third largest city was built on the back of the textiles industry in the 19th-century. The cityscape is still shaped by this period: Gargantuan brick spinning mills have been turned into trendy cultural centres, malls and open monuments, while the entrepreneurs who made their fortunes from the factories built lavish villas that are now museums. Łódź is also known […]

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