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Kraków. President Jacek Majchrowski: We take scooters to the lost-and-found office

The Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, announced that he had asked his the City Guard, to take electric scooters that have been abandoned on the sidewalks, alleys, green areas to find lost property office. After elections to the new state authorities, the president will also propose legal changes that will create regulations regarding the use of scooters. Abandoned scooters are […]

160 meter building coming soon to Wola.

Golub GetHouse bought another plot in Wola. Opposite Browarów Warszawskich the apartment building at least 160 meters high. Inside, there will be almost a thousand apartments for rent. Kuryłowicz & Associates studio is responsible for the tower design. Another step towards the density of buildings in Wola. A large plot – an area of ​​2.7 thousand sqm. – Golub has bought GetHouse from […]

Donald Trump confirms visa-free travel for Polish people

After thirty years, it worked – Poles will fly to the USA without visas. Donald Trump announced at a meeting with journalists that he had signed the agreement on visa-free travel with Poland. Poland has been waiting for admission to the American visa waiver program for nearly 30 years. On October 4, at a press conference, US President Donald Trump announced […]

About dirty air, dirty coal and dirty truths.

In recent months, the topic of coal in Poland has not disappeared, especially in the face of the ongoing election campaign, activities of the green-peace organization, climate strike, controversial activities of Greta Thunberg and the nationwide fight against smog. As usual, two extreme views collide and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  In the public debate, politicians and actors […]

Japanese massage in exchange for a pack of tea or cereal. A social exchange campaign has started in Mokotów

A unique social project has started in Mokotów. Everyone who brings something to trade will receive a free Japanese Shiatsu massage session. You can pass both subjects and your skills. Tea massage Shiatsu za cereal is a new project in the Mokotów district, which aims to promote social exchange. What does it consist of? – The goal is to share skills with others, […]

Kraków is officially the best place in Europe for food

Kraków has been named European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019, beating the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Rafael Anson Oliart, President of the European Academy of Gastronomy, which gave the award, said that among the reasons for choosing the Polish city were the restaurant’s excellent recipes and their quality products from local suppliers. Kraków restaurants have been decorated with numerous Michelin recommendations.  […]

Day trips from Łódź

Spała Landscape Park This protected area is named after its biggest city in the area and is 1-hour drive. Here you can experience the beautiful and pristine nature and forest. Polish kings, Russian tsars and presidents of interwar Poland used to hunt in these areas. Spała is a resort over Pilica river situated in a region of former Pilica Forest, […]

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