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Thieves stole equipment from Łódź firefighters. Can you help?

Recently unknown perpetrators broke it and stole important equipment from a station for volunteer firefighters from OSP Łódź-Wiskitno. Firefighters ask for help in catching the perpetrators and recovering life-saving equipment. On the night of January 2 – 3, 2020, firefighters from the Lodz-Wiskitno TSO fell victim to thieves. They were deprived of equipment that serves to save human lives. The equipment […]

The new tram is ready to go on the track in Kraków

Tonight, MPK tested the first of 50 new trams that will carry passengers around Krakow. The vehicle was tested on the route to Mały Płaszów. The tram was delivered to Krakow in December 2019. Upon arrival at the tram depot, it was removed from a special transport trailer on which it was transported. – The tests and journeys necessary to obtain […]

Over 400 million PLN for renovation of Łódź streets in 2020. See what’s in the plan!

In the city’s budget in 2020, hundreds of millions of zlotys are to be spent on renovations of Łódź roads. PLN 317 million was allocated for road repairs and maintenance. This amount includes investments implemented as part of the “Tram for Łódź” project, i.e. the reconstruction of the intersection of Kilińskiego and Przybyszewskiego streets, ul. Przybyszewski from ul. Kilińskiego to al. Śmigału – Rydza and […]

Epic Corgi meeting in Warsaw [GALLERY]

The Three Kings Corgas, Warsaw. On Saturday, January 4, 2020, a great march of Corgi dogs took place in Warsaw. The dogs together with the owners met under Zygmunt’s column and together they went for a walk. The breed may not be too popular in Warsaw, but it is extremely popular on the internet. They owe their fame among others to Queen […]

Biedronka is using virtual reality to teach employees how to bake bread.

Virtual reality glasses are being tested in several Biedronka stores across Warsaw. VR goggles teach employees how to bake bread. Biedronka stores conduct innovative training for employees using glasses with virtual reality. VR goggles are used to run a baking course.  We have started VR tests because it is a convenient tool that realistically teaches skills that are difficult or expensive […]