Save Money

Instead of paying per Yeddel event, you can purchase a monthly membership card.

The Yeddel Membership card gives you access to more than 20 different events every single month for free*. If you attend more than three events a month you’ll save money


  • View Events Calendar
  • View members profile
  • Send Private messages
  • Free access to events
  • Add media to your profile


VIP membership

  • Free monthly dinner with other VIP**
  • 100% discount on every event
  • Table reservation for quizzes
  • 24/7 support via WhatsApp
  • Website VIP badge
  • Send Private messages
  • Add media to your profile

PLN 150.00 per Month.

*Not every event is free with this membership. Always carefully read the event description.

**Currently Warsaw only

Yeddel Website Features

Similarity Ratings

Using our advance algorithm, when you visit a profile you’ll see how similar you are in terms of interests, events, spoken languages and more. Helping you make better connections 

Advance Website Search

Yeddel members get access to communication and search tools, helping keep a solid relationship between events. We provide tools to find native speakers of languages you want to learn and much more.

Private messaging

We create events to make real-life connections, but you can continue the conversation here through our private messaging system, community groups and forum rooms. 

Photos and Videos

With a ‘website’ membership you can upload your own pictures and videos. Showcase your latest photography work from a Yeddel workshop or just some snaps from your holiday with your Yeddel friends.  

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